Friday, April 25, 2014

Wild Pacific Trail

The Wild Pacific Trail in the District of Ucluelet is a protected area of old growth forest located on the west side of Vancouver Island BC Canada.

Open to the public are a series of trails along the coastline, some so close to the Pacific Ocean you will feel the spray from the sea as it crashes onto the rocky shoreline. There is always activity on the water throughout the year with spectacular “storm watching” during the winter months and the humbling views of gentle giants breaking the waters surface from May through September.

The system of trails have been developed to have a minimal impact on the forest and shoreline environment and all the work has been done by dedicated volunteers, now under the umbrella of The Wild Pacific Trail Society.  The Society is a registered non-profit organization. All monies received are allocated towards trail enhancement, promotion and further trail construction. Funds are raised by various means, one of which is the purchase of a MacKay Concrete Bench that you will see placed along the trail in a variety of beautiful viewing spots.


MacKay Precast Products are proud to work with the Society providing a sturdy resting place for travellers along the Trail who pause to drink in the wonders of nature around them.

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