Friday, January 31, 2014

Calgary Stampede 2014

The Calgary Stampede - July 4-13, 2014 - "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth".
When we hear our friends and neighbours talking about attending the Calgary Stampede, the image of cowboys in stetsons, boots with spurs, cattle and bucking broncos come to mind. The stampede is all these things and so much more. The earliest origins of this Alberta gathering began in 1886 but became an annual event in 1923. It has been growing in size and excitement every year since. There are the early morning breakfasts. the fabulous 2.5 mile parage down the streets of Calgary, the Rodeo and all its events, evening shows with Concert Headliners and the friendly residents all working together to give visitors the best Western time they ever could imagine. This is no small task with nearly 1/2 million visitors attending annually.
The not to be missed SAM (Stampede Agriculture Museum) is a Western Interpretive Centre which houses the Stampede archives, galleries and a museum. This is an indepth history of the Stampede and the pioneers of Southern Alberta.
This year MacKay Precast Products are happy to be supplying the Stampede grounds with a variety of exposed aggregate concrete planters, bike racks and ashstands.
See you at the Stampede.

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