Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eco-Friendly Concrete

"Environmentally Friendly" is a loose term used in maketing to inform consumers about attributes of a specific product or service that has an environmental benefit with little or no impact on the native ecosystem, is an alternative to goods produced with chemicals or synthetics or is positive in terms of its impact on the environment.
Concrete has its nay sayers but there are changes in the industry which make concrete a more desireable product.
CONCRETE SUBSTITUTES: A new promising green concrete said to be highly sustainable is high volume flyash concrete. Flyash is a coal burning power plant by-product which historically 75% of the ash produced ended up in landfills. Science has now found recycled flyash forms a compound similar to Portland cement when mixed with lime and water. High volume flyash can displace more than 25% of the cementitious content in a mix design. Flyash concrete has been difficult to source but with increased demand there are more producers and distributors working to rectify this problem.  In time other new substitutes such as Ash Crete, Blast Furnace Slag and Carbon Concrete, which are all showing promise to make concete a more eco-friendly product , may become more widely available.

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